Say Goodbye to Creepy and Dangerous Pests

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Are spiders taking over your home? Are your guests grossed out when they see cockroaches scurrying across your living room floor? Don’t worry, Heming Pest Control is expert at roach and spider control in Dubuque, IA and surrounding areas.

It’s likely that there are several different species of spiders in and around your home or business. They weave webs in dark corners, under furniture, in cupboards and around lights. Although most spiders can’t physically harm you, some do have poisonous bites. We can spray inside and outside your home to eliminate the spiders on your property.

Roaches are just plain gross. They’re not harmless, either. They can carry disease-causing pathogens, make allergies worse and create general anxiety. Call us to spray your property with safe and effective pesticides. We’ll exterminate every last roach in your home.

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How do you keep roaches away?

How do you keep roaches away?

Heming Pest Control offers roach and spider control services in Dubuque, IA and surrounding areas.

Cockroaches love dirty, moist areas. To keep them out of your home or office, we suggest:

  • Keeping your home clean
  • Sealing up cracks and holes
  • Fixing any water leaks
  • Keeping your living space cool

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